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    Free download of WE WERE OWLS featured on RCRD LBL today.

    Remember MySpace? Full-album stream of WILD BLOOD feature beginning today. (Taken with instagram)

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    Lovedrug Releases New Video For 'Girl'

    With the March 6th release of Wild Blood on the horizon, Ohio based indie band, Lovedrug, has just released their video for “Girl.” Produced by singer, Michael Shepard, Buzznet had him answer a few questions about the video, it’s production and how the Alice in Wonderland theme was only fitting to tell the song’s story!

    Your video for “Girl” is clearly inspired by Alice in Wonderland. What pushed you toward that concept for the video?
    "I wouldn’t say "inspired by" so much as the theme just sort of fit. I’ve always admired Alice. She’s so forthright and upstanding in her existence, even when plunged into a foreign world. But there’s still that curiosity that can get her into trouble if she’s not careful. "Girl" is such a simple song about a simple thing that is yet in essence so complex. Loving a person enough to call them yours. It’s cute and endearing, but also a little dangerous and reckless. I like that."

    How long did it take to shoot “Girl?” Is there anything about the video that fans wouldn’t know that you can share?
    "Ha. Actually, I was just trying to figure out how to use the 8mm app on my iPhone and it turned into a music video. Then when I found the Alice in Wonderland footage it all just sort of fell together. I edited it in Final Cut in a few hours and then emailed it to my manager. I was like, “Here’s a music video for “Girl” if you need one.” I love it when things like that happen!”

    What do you think will be the next single off WILD BLOOD? Is there any video concept you’ve been wanting to do that you would use next?
    "I’m always thinking of video concepts. It’s what I do when I daydream. I want to get a nice camera though. Maybe a 5D and start shooting our videos for real. That would be fun. As far as the next single. Not sure yet. We’ll see what foot feels right for the next step and then take it!"

    Take a look and tell us what you think!

    This foot drove to Nashville today from Michigan to see the show; while here, it’s owner decided to get a Wild Blood tattoo (Taken with instagram)

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